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うーたん・しろ / U-Turn Ushiro

陶芸家 / 1990​年生








U-Turn Ushiro was first introduced to ceramics while he was working as a Firefighter.

Ushiro was naturally drawn to the material because of it’s various processes, and freedom of expression. When he first started creating with clay it was during a time of extreme pressure and frustration. Constantly seeing traumatic situations he strived to find an outlet to let his emotions flow. Not only was creation exhilarating to him, but ceramics allowed him to pursue his interest in fire, learning how to harness its full potential. Prior to his practice he learned how to put out fires, but ceramics taught him how to grow and manipulate it, in order to create varying desired effects within his work. Before ceramics Ushiro’s primary form of expression was dance. Since a young age he learned several styles, and performed professionally in various different locations. Ushiro found a similar cadence within the ceramic wheel, but instead of shaking his body he let the energy flow through his fingertips. The wheel became a new dance for him. Emulating the human body within his tableware, he strives to make a closer relationship with the user and the vessel. After working with the material for a bit of time Ushiro came to realize how magical of a medium it was. Practicing contemporary magic, and tarot readings he found reality could be shaped by mind frame, just as how clay can be changed by touch. Leaving his routine life behind, Ushiro chose to pursue ceramics full time. Allowing this mystical medium form his life exactly like how he builds his own pieces.






[Solo exhibition]2016.1「宇城飛翔 個展」TTAGGG代官山 


[Solo exhibition]2016.4「Asuka Ushiro Ceramic Exhibition」TTAGGG代官山 


[Solo exhibition]2016.12 「宇城飛翔 個展」TTAGGG代官山 


[Solo exhibition] 2017.10「Crypt | Asuka Ushiro Ceramic Exhibition」TREASURE RIVER book cafe・千葉


[Talk]2017.12「オカルト最高会議」横浜 日ノ出町 試聴室 その3


[Solo exhibition]2019.2「Crypt vol.2 Asuka Ushiro Ceramic Exhibition」TREASURE RIVER book cafe・千葉


[Talk]2019.10「未来魔女会議」Naked Loft・新宿 


[Solo exhibition]2019.12「宇城飛翔 展」Gallery Le mani・市川 


[Group exhibition]2020.1「Mashiko mens collection 2020」ギャラリー緑陶里・益子 


[Group exhibition]2020.2「Things may or may not be useful but beautiful」MONKEY GALLERY D.K.Y・代官山


[Group exhibition]2020.2「Crypt vol.3 Asuka Ushiro | Onree Rorue Mixed Media Exhibition」TREASURE RIVER book cafe・千葉




[Interview] 2020.02 M.E.A.R.L Belong to ME #08|陶芸家・宇城飛翔」


[Group exhibition]2020.3「宇城飛翔 運天達也 2人展」fragile utsuwa shop・銀座


[Solo exhibition]2021.3「うーたん陶芸:指キタス」fragile utsuwa shop・銀座


[Solo exhibition]2021.4「うーたん陶芸:ゆめるーむ」SHIBUYA PUBLISHING&BOOKSELLERS・渋谷


[Group exhibition]2021.5「大土友展」妙満寺・京都


[Group exhibition]2021.11「うーたん陶芸:初窯5人展/U-Turn:Christening through Fire」fragile utsuwa shop・銀座


[Solo exhibition]2022.7「うーたん陶芸:凹凸(ボコデコ)」CIBONE・表参道


[Solo exhibition]  2022.11「うーたん陶芸:月の鏡」es quart gallery・浅草


[Solo exhibition]2023.2「Crypt vol.4 うーたん・うしろ Ceramic Exhibition」TREASURE RIVER book cafe・千葉


[Interview]2023.5「IWAKAN magazine vol.6 特集:男性制


[Solo exhibition]  2023.8「うーたん陶芸:光と熱」starnet・益子


[Group exhibition] 2023.8「土友の墓場展」Kaikai Kiki Gallery・元麻布

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